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The Suitsupply Friday Fit: Our Havana jacket, blue cargos, and a pair of cognac double monks make for an easy way to add some style to your weekend look.

why do more companies not make blue cargos? 

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Essentials for spring and summer.

Part II - now @Editors’ Notes

blue and green, always. 

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Knottery hamburger tie prototype

such a beautiful blazer.

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Jacket: Corneliani for PRL,. Cotton/linen shirt: found at this obscure little shop, run by a certain menswear icon.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a men’s floral shirt worn well.

yeah, nice.

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Four-Pins detail shots by Chris

the sportcoat on top is gorgeous.

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It’s supposed to hit 104 degrees today It is 115 degrees today in New York, so what better time to talk about winter weight flannel?  This winter I’ll be on the lookout for a navy flannel jacket much like the ones above.  Soft, with little padding, patch pockets, and a notch lapel.  It’s my own little way of copping out of earth toned English Tweeds but I love how simplistic and casual it is.

Photos via italianindustrialist & GQ

i would love one, too.

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beautiful blazer.

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GPOYW — From this Sunday, wandering around San Francisco after the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

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