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via sartorial living.  i like the sand/khaki with the washed out black and denim. 


Monday inspiration- for those rainy days

Raincoat: Stutterheim raincoats Crewneck: J.Crew Jeans: Jacob Cohen Shirt: SuitSupply Shoes: Alfred Sargent Backpack: Mismo

those brogues…

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blue and brown.

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really liking this for this crazy early spring we’re having.

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Zeph wears a one of one ROTM chambray cutaway collar shirt at Pitti Uomo.

like the blue on blue on blue…

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all blue everything.

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Tweed, Cord, Knit and Chambray.

Orazio Luciano at The Armoury

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Speaking of Marcus…I’ve been sitting on this too long and since the heat just won’t go away its seems apt for today.

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Done so well. 

Chambray blazer Inspiration. Even though this is linen…

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Pink checks, chambray, sky blue gingham, chinos, dub monks.

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that’s purdy.

that’s purdy.

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