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love the colors and textures, and seriously jealous of that blazer.  i’d wear the hell out of it.

A Reading Jacket



I’ve been excited lately by the idea of having a reading jacket made. “Reading jacket” is my own term. It means a jacket that’s specifically meant to be worn when one goes someplace to read. With internet connectivity so pervasive these days, I find the only way to get work done sometimes is to physically distance yourself from any WiFi-enabled device. That means go to a library or café with nothing but a pen, highlighter, and either a stack of journal articles or a book.

Such a light amount of material, however, hardly warrants using a briefcase. But carrying things by hand can feel a bit cumbersome. One solution I’ve been thinking of is creating a reading jacket.

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i love this idea.  going to think about rigging something up on an existing blazer.

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gorgeous sportcoat.  wow.

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Ankar Sweden A/W 2012

want orange cords…

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Cuci’s corduroy suit 

oh man…


Cuci’s corduroy suit 

oh man…

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Shimon’s details. Loving the cords and the gnarly green on green

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killer cords.

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autumnal.  i think.

-jacket by rugby

-shirt by h&m

-cords by levi’s

-shoes by frye

photos by marcus maier

goddamn i love that green corduroy.

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Massimo Dutti October Lookbook

Massimo Dutti October Lookbook

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