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I’ve never been able to figure out who this man is.  Which in part leads to the illusion that he might just be the best dressed person in the world.  Quite skrong.

Images courtesy of The Sartorialist and Google

also making the case for chocolate suede chukkas.

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Voxsartoria’s Weekly Subjective and Totally Unfair Digest (Officially Pitti-Free™): 01.13.12



Alan See

Broken Land Style





Previous Digests: tumblr archive; Part II and Part I for ancient history.

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Business Casual aka Dressing to Meet the “Parents”

I can just hear it - FINALLY …

One of the most common questions I receive is how to execute “business casual.”

For me, this is very much like going to meet your partner’s parents for the first time (worse still is if it’s at their home). If you think “business casual” is difficult, imagine what dressing for this would be like. How you dress will be as much a reflection of your partner as it will be of you, so if you’re not well prepared, you should understand the consequences that will come. It’s really that simple.

Here are the basics I always follow:

  • Choose a sports coat of a heavier weight than your pants. The pattern should also contrast.
  • Choose pants that can be worn sans sports coat.
  • ALWAYS wear a button-up shirt. Which type of collar you choose is up to you, but I prefer button-down collars (buttoned) when I’m not wearing a tie, as I like the collar to stand proud.
  • If you want to wear a tie, it should typically be a knit tie.
  • Shoes should typically be heavier in appearance, and usually brown or tan in color. Preferably a non-oxford style, I would go with a derby/blucher or DubMunks.
  • Socks should contrast from the shoes.
  • Pocket square!

* also, nothing whimsical or comical

That’s it!

Details | Sports coat - denim coloured herringbone weave linen from Ariston P Johnson for GW  | Trou - ecru pin cord from Loro Piana P Johnson for GW | Shirt - chocolate gingham Thomas mason “Silver Line” shirting from Mystery Bespoke | PS - vintage Japanese silk | Shoes - Edward Green “Dover” for Leather Soul

Anyway this is an example of me caught in mid-flight as I thought my camera was going to drop! But it shows how a well cut jacket will move with you & hence NO COLLAR GAP...

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