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more winter white inspiration.

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Something to think about:

Matching your pocket square to your pants.

For those who don’t live on the edge and like to directly match their pocket square to an aspect of their outfit, the usual targets are the shirt or the tie. I occasionally match my square to my shirt, but usually, it stands as its own element. However, over the summer I broke out my white cotton Incotex trousers (my favorite pants I own), and every time I chose a square to go with the kit, I’d fall back to a white herringbone silk square.

The effect was pretty striking, and it made the kit a bit more dynamic, moving the eye from chest to pants instead of chest to chest. I’m not saying this is something you should do all the time, because a lot of the time it can look absolutely awful. However, if your pants are noticeably different in either hue, shade, or saturation, it might be something you want to think about. It can definitely be a subtle way to change the dynamic of your kits, as well as a personal breath of fresh air.

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Another blast from Hong Kong 2010 - good morning to some & good night to the others.

Giro d’ Italia in 10min!

* All the above is bespoke from another chapter in my past

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