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Looks good unless you know what to look for..

From top to bottom:

  • Jacket body is too short - “COVER YOUR ASS”
  • Jacket sleeve too short - natural wrist bend is the guide
  • Pantaloon rise to low - see crutch
  • Pantaloon leg length is too short for the silhouette. If you want this length then narrow the opening

To be fair - it is not the clothing but the choice of model.

Unfortunately the general will see these “look books” as gospel..

Otherise I like what O&S do

Ovadia & Sons F/W 2012.

agree that this is a bad model choice and that he looks like a kid uncomfortably dressed for church, but i like the ensembles themselves.

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Your first look at the Ovadia & Sons F/W 2012 lookbook.

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these in the post. Ovadia & Sons lambswool flannel trousers in heathered blue, lambswool cargo trousers in light grey and a burgundy/deep green plaid wool tie.

These pictures don’t do them justice — the blue has a fantastic richness about it that pops out (in the best sense), the cargo’s texture is visually gorgeous and the colour combination on the tie is perfectly balanced. That’s just visually speaking — the trousers are remarkably comfortable and oh-so soft to the touch. Can’t wait to get these back from the tailors and start wearing them about town.

I have a lot of time for the Ovadia brothers. In my opinion they’ve been consistently bringing out superb, well considered products over the past year. My congratulations, keep up the great work and thank you!

want.  it.  all.

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oh my oh my…

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Outtake of Bloomingdales for NYTimes, Isaac in Ovadia and Sons.

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holy smokes.  f-ing gorgeous.

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both are lovely, but that green is *gorgeous*.  ovadia and sons for another win…

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The cashmere overshirt

i am loving these wool cargo pants.

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Ovadia & Sons F/W 2011 Campaign.

Model: Ali of A Noble Savage.

Art direction/Styling: Lawrence Schlossman.

so much beauty.

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