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The Casual Monday Cashmere Roll Neck And Jacket Crowd.

Coat by Steed (Edwin DeBoise) in the late lamented Scabal 12oz Shetland “tweed,” John Laing cashmere sweater, Rubinacci madder square, and Attolini moleskin trousers.

oh my.  that blazer.

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Turtleneck & Houndstooth - feat. @silbonmoda blazer and @lecrown Shoes #thebespokedudes #fabioattanasio #outfit #menswear #style #ootd #wayw #wiwt #silbon #lecrown (presso Lungolago di Como)

beautiful blazer.

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Thanksgiving Eve birthday dinner for my wife.

Wool-cashmere jacket by Caruso. Full canvas, 3-roll-2, natural shoulders, double vents, patch pockets. Pretty much everything I’ve been looking for in a brown sport coat ever since Derek convinced me I needed one.

The poor lighting and a low-placed camera phone don’t do it justice. The fabric is fuzzy and tweed-like, a deep reddish-chocolate brown with speckles of green and orange. Also, the lapel gorge isn’t nearly as high nor the jacket nearly as short as the picture suggests. Found through my Yoox searches for high-quality menswear.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to try layering a lighter shawl-collar sweater like this under a sport coat. As I imagined, it’s kind of like a hybrid between a shallow v-neck and a rollneck. I like it.

typical autumn outfit for me.

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dreams of autumn and tweed…

dreams of autumn and tweed…

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Slowear F/W

Definitely one of my favourite group of brands. They hit the sweet spot with great looking clothes that are stylish but never look too formal.

Glanshirt has nice relaxed collars and soft fabrics, Incotex pants are a staple to every wardrobe.

The knitwear from Zanone is top notch (also, get their Ice cotton polos in the summer, they beat linen in terms of breezy-ness).

And to top it all off, some outerwear and jackets from the Montedoro label. I especially like beige sportscoat, the classic navy peacoat, and the suede field jacket.

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Frans Boone has stocked up on some Man1924 jackets for fall. 

Great looking fabrics and soft tailoring. A subtle check, a warm moleskin and a herringbone.. what more do you really need this fall?


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love the colors and textures, and seriously jealous of that blazer.  i’d wear the hell out of it.

winter whites.

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Fashion genius, knowing when to dust off old ideas about cut, design and layering, installment number III. (Click here for parts I, and II). Top two images are scans from a 1977 L’Officiel Hommes spread on l’homme de tweed. Bottom pictures are from a 2012 look book, showing off Man1924’s fashion propositions for 2013. Talent copies, genius steals (consciously, or subconsciously).

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A Reading Jacket



I’ve been excited lately by the idea of having a reading jacket made. “Reading jacket” is my own term. It means a jacket that’s specifically meant to be worn when one goes someplace to read. With internet connectivity so pervasive these days, I find the only way to get work done sometimes is to physically distance yourself from any WiFi-enabled device. That means go to a library or café with nothing but a pen, highlighter, and either a stack of journal articles or a book.

Such a light amount of material, however, hardly warrants using a briefcase. But carrying things by hand can feel a bit cumbersome. One solution I’ve been thinking of is creating a reading jacket.

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i love this idea.  going to think about rigging something up on an existing blazer.

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